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A picture says more than a thousand words

Innovation, high quality, reliability, sustainable production and new technologies are big steps towards becoming a successful business. But in order to market these ideas, they should be presented in an attractive and contemporary manner. Only in this way can you stand out from your competitors as a provider. Visualization is making ideas and words visible. 3D visualization gives you new opportunities in many areas to make such elements noticeable. No other medium of communication is able to convey difficult and complex issues in an easier and indeed more sophisticated way to the viewer.

Added values with 3D visualization

In some industrial areas, preproductional visualization is already standard, such as in the design check in the automotive industry or in the capital goods industry. Virtual models take the places of expensive hardware models. Existing data models can be used for visualization beyond the actual production process. 2D drawings can be used to make it three-dimensional. In many cases, the 3D visualization may be the more costeffective and thus more effective variant in comparison to the real photo shooting. Products do not need to be transported expensively or prepared elaborately e.g. cutting products (gearboxes, etc.) to show inner workings. Expensive retouching of photographs for promotional purposes is even not necessary.

Endless replication of images

Once a scenery is set, it is possible to present e.g. products from different viewing angles, different light moods by light simulation, other optical variations and even product diversity. If a prototype of your product does not exist at the moment, 3D imagination is a further useful way of showing a new idea or product to convince customers or even decision-makers. By using pictures and animations, contents can often be conveyed faster and more intelligibly than with abstract and long texts, in accordance with the motto:

"A picture says more than a thousand words".

What can you expect from us?

We listen to your specific wishes and advise you on how to make your visualization ideas come to life. We make invisible processes visible and prepare your informations graphically and didactically. Even components which are difficult to access can be visualized by cutaway views or as exploded views based on CAD data of your products. Show us your sketches, prototypes or blueprints and we will develop a corresponding 3D model. Our models can be used not only for renderings or in virtual reality, but also for rapid prototyping. We are able to handle many common 3D CAD formats of your products to meet your expectations.

Definition of process (DOP) - How we work for you?

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) often cannot be created in a satisfactory manner just by pressing a button.
We follow a standardized and reliable process which has proven itself.

The schematic view below shows an approximate way of ensuring a better result:


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